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Our Sweet Story

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Cookie Queen Factory is the cookie store and responsible for the delicious aroma that fills the Downtown Exchange, in Clermont, Florida.

Inspired by her grandmother since she was a child, her passion for baking all kinds of pastries was born. From that love and passion was born on April 15, 2022, Cookie Queen Factory, in the beautiful City of Clermont, Florida, created inside the home of a feisty and enterprising Venezuelan woman.​

To take advantage of their passion, love and knowledge, delighting with creativity, a variety of flavors and ingredients of the best quality, guarantee the excellence of the cookies, made by the hands of the queen herself, Jacqueline Reyes.

In August 2022, we were named Clermont's 2nd Best Overall Dessert and 1st in Cookies at the People's Choice Dessert & Summer Drinks Challenge

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"We stopped in for the first time tonight and OMG! Can't stop thinking about it! So good! 🥰"

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